It is different because here you get genuine products. We do not sell any counterfeit products and that is the promise we can make. By any chance, if you purchase an expired medicine then there is a chance that you can exchange the medicine. Exchange it with a new one. And you will get the right product. This is the promise we can make. 

The day your order will be delivered you will get a notification. The notification says we delivered your order. That is how you can track your order. By any chance, there is a holiday you may not get on that day. And if there is any delay in your order we will inform you via mail. There is nothing to worry about.

Yes, all the categories of medicines are available on our website. It ranges from anti-anxiety to painkillers. You can purchase most of the medicines from our website. It would be convenient for you. And before purchasing any medicine make sure that you get a prescription from your doctor. A doctor’s prescription is mandatory. 

We have the address displayed at the bottom of our website. You can reach out to us at that address. It will be the best thing for you. If you have any queries drop an email on our address that is mentioned beside our address. You will easily reach out to us at that address. We are available 24 hours. 

Yes, as Christmas is coming we are offering discounts on most of our products. You must have the coupon with you. The coupon gives you the code. Mention that code and you will get the product at a discount. And we promise you that you will not get any expired products on our website. 

Our website is already approved by the FDA. We do not sell any illegal medicines. All our medicines come with a long-term shelf life. And we do not have any expired products. If you get an expired product then you will get a fresh one as soon as possible. This is the guarantee from our end. And even if you have any queries relating to our product talk to our supervisor. 

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