Delivery & Refund Policy

Delivery & Refund Policy

You must follow the Delivery & Refund Policy of your website. It will help you. 


Delivery policy 

The delivery of our website is easy. You are going to get your product delivered within a short period. By any chance, if there is any delay in delivery you will be notified. Your receipt of the product is your delivery proof. If there is any holiday you would not get the delivery of your product. The day you receive your product you can track it on your mobile phone. Tracking says the exact location. 


Refund Policy 

It may happen that you are not happy with your product and want to return it. If you want to return it make sure you do not use it. The period of return is within 30 days. This is the way to get a refund of your money. You are going to get a full refund, this is the promise that we can make. If it crosses 30 days there is no chance of return. 



By any chance, you purchased the expired medicine. It would not happen but it may happen. You can return it to us as soon as possible and we give you fresh medicine with a longer shelf life. That is the promise from our end. And for that, we are not going to charge any money. 



The products that we deliver are not damaged under our expert supervision. If it is damaged then you need to contact the shipping company. That person will tell you how it has been damaged. 


Expired medicines 

Our websites do not keep any expired medicines, all the medicines are fresh and have a longer shelf life. This is the promise made from our end. And as we said if you buy any expired product you will get a refund of your money.

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